music and films

We like our music and we like our films, as such we’re constantly adding new tunes to our playlist. We’re always welcome to suggestions for the playlists or film seasons so let us know (you can message us in the tell us section) and we’ll see what we can do.

We also did a playlist for the lovely folks at 6Music who were kind enough to play our tracks on the radio box.


sunday films, free at 5pm

October: Celebrating Black History Month

  • 4th – 12 Years a Slave (15)
  • 11th – In The Heat of the Night (12)
  • 18th – Selma (12)
  • 25th – Girlhood (15)

November: Kick Ass Sisters

  • 1st – Norma Rae (pg)
  • 8th – Tracks (12)
  • 15th – Frida (15)
  • 22nd – Gorillas In The Mist (12)
  • 29th – no film today

December: Duvet Worthy Classics.

  • 6th – Trading Places (15)
  • 13th – Batteries Not Included (pg)
  • 20th – Dragnet (pg)