music and films

We like our music and we like our films, as such we’re constantly adding new tunes to our playlist. We’re always welcome to suggestions for the playlists or film seasons so let us know (you can message us in the tell us section) and we’ll see what we can do.

We also did a playlist for the lovely folks at 6Music who were kind enough to play our tracks on the radio box.


Sunday 4th: Alex Asher at 7.30pm
Gentle acoustic folk rock
Wednesday 7th: Of The Clay at 8.30pm
Folk ensemble
Sunday 11th: Chris James at 7.30pm
Wednesday 14th: Kieran LH at 8.30pm
Lap tap guitarist, songwriter.
Sunday 18th: George Bryce at 7.30pm
Folk & blues
Wednesday 21st: Chris James at 8.30pm
Country & folk
Sunday 25th: Louis Coates at 7.30pm
Wednesday 28th: Ian Smith (The Drifter) at 8.30pm
Acoustic & flamenco


Sunday 4th:Ian Smith (The Drifter) at 7.30pm
Acoustic & flamenco
Wednesday 7th: Alex Asher at 8.30pm
Gentle acoustic folk rock
Sunday 11th: Of The Clay at 7.30pm
Folk ensemble
Wednesday 14th: Chris James at 8.30pm
Country & folk
Sunday 18th: Megan Parry at 7.30pm
Jazz, blues & pop covers
Wednesday 21st: Nick Allen at 8.30pm
Acoustic covers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Sunday 25th: Chris James at 7.30pm
Country & folk
Wednesday 28th: Louis Coates at 8.30pm


sunday films (at 5.30pm)

February – Rom-coms!

  • Sunday 4th: Groundhog Day (PG)
  • Sunday 11th: When Harry Met Sally (15)
  • Sunday 18th: 10 Things I Hate About You (12)
  • Sunday 25th: There’s Something About Mary (15)

March – What about that weather eh?

  • Sunday 4th: The Perfect Storm (12)
  • Sunday 11th: The Day After Tomorrow (12)
  • Sunday 18th: Twister (PG)
  • Sunday 25th: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (U)