new menu

Frank's Bar Fancy Menu BoardHello 2017, hello tasty new menu. We’ve got all sorts of goodness ready for you including smoked salmon kedgeree (gluten free) or caponata (vegan, gluten free and dairy free). For something more meaty you could try our delicious lamb tagine or perhaps the rump steak, both from a free-range farm in Norfolk. For something from the coast you might fancy Moroccan style mussels or the baked sardines. Our Mezze Platter (shown left) is looking tempting with sweet potato kibbeh & caramelised onion, maftoul tabbouleh, beetroot baba ganoush, rice stuffed vine leaves, pitta bread, salad & guindillas (all vegan and dairy free), or the ever-popular Tapas Platter which features serrano ham, ventricina spicy salami, chorizo, pecorino sardo cheese, mixed bread and olives. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options a-plenty and the menu uses the best local ingredients we can find – You can see a sample menu here.